Over the years, one of the most consistent winners in radio has been Sam Weaver. His attention to detail, content, and the ability to grow and nurture talent puts him in a class by himself.
— Joel Denver, AllAccess.com, President/Publisher

After being in management and off the air for many years, I decided to go back to an area where it would be fun, in the trenches so to speak, on the air as a Radio Personality. I had learned from friends there was one man to help me and his name is Sam Weaver a Radio Talent Coach. Sam helped me get back my rhythm of speech, flow, consistency, friendly and warmth that I had lost over the years in management. I would recommend him to anyone who has felt that lost their edge on what we do every day, “effective communication.
— Jeff Hunter, Program Director, 98.3 KDAR, Oxnard California

I contacted Sam Weaver four years ago to help me with my syndicated radio shows.  Sam listened to my ideas on how I wanted to build my network. Sam has been able to bring out the announcer to compete in the syndication world. Today this day Sam has been a very instrumental part of my shows with the sound of the shows.  I currently produce two weekly shows (Top 40 3 hour show, Retro 2 hour show) heard in over 6 countries with 21 affiliates and growing.
— Mike Mann, DJ Mike Show, www.djmikeshow.com, A Chris-Mar Studio Production

I unequivocally learned the most about jocking from Sam Weaver!   He had a way of getting to the heart of the problem with my break and guiding me to how I could fix it and still maintain my personality.  I later became a PD after working with Sam; I hope that I was able to pass on 1/10 of what he taught me!
— Shay Moore, host of “The Shay Moore” Show on Q93 New Orleans, co-host of 2 Black Girls & A Mic on Itunes and blogger for www.heyshay.com

I have known Sam Weaver for the better part of both of our careers. I was his program director in San Francisco and Chicago. During that time and since, I have observed Sam, both as an air-talent and as a programmer. He excelled at both. Prior to his programming career, Sam was an excellent air-talent. He developed the discipline that very air-personalities have. He knew where to place the elements within the format. He knew how to sell the music and really knew how to handle contest phone segments. There was no doubt that when Sam became a programmer, he would be a strong one and he would pass on secrets to those personalities who worked for him. I watched him groom and develop several morning shows, including “The Breakfast Brothers” and BJ Murphy. Not only has he developed a web site dedicated to individual and group talent development, you can be assured that Weaver’s deep commitment to teaching, which grew out of his role as an instructor at Columbia College in Chicago, make him uniquely qualified to assume this role. Sam Weaver is highly motivated, analytical, research oriented and persuasive with strong skills in both teaching and writing.
— Jerry Boulding, AllAccess.com, Urban Editor

Working with Sam is a very uplifting experience. As a radio talent, I’m always looking to learn and grow. Sam gives you feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. Sam Knows great radio and is able to work with you as unique radio performer helping you reach your
— Rex MCNeill, Air personality/ Production and Station Imaging Director at 1musicnetwork.com

Sam Weaver has the ability to take something hard and make it seem easy.  No matter what it is.  He takes things that others feel is hard to understand and simplifies it make it easy to learn.  I learned more in 5 minutes talking with Sam then other Program Directors taught me in a year!  He has vast knowledge of radio, music and talent.  But most importantly he knows how to treat, teach and coach people!!
— Jimmy Knight Operations Manager Federated Media-WMEE, Fort Wayne Indiana

Sam was a great air talent who learned first-hand the importance of the right coaches. He is creative and takes a broad strategic view of all radio.
— Sean Ross, Vice President, Music and Programming Edison Research

Sam, Sam, the good advice man! As a part-timer just out of Hampton University; I met Sam when he was PD at WQMG-FM in Greensboro NC, my hometown.  I remember telling Sam my dream was to be a PD.  Sam told me “then tell people that’s what you want, eventually someone will give you a shot after you get a little experience”.  This bit of advice paid off years later in New Orleans.  I was doing nights at WYLD-FM soon to be sold off to Clear Channel’s former Snowden Communications.  Jim Snowden was the owner and we met by chance at a night club just days before he was to take over the station. He asked a bit about me and I mentioned I wanted to move up from air talent to PD.  He was impressed that I was asking for something more considering I knew my current position wasn’t secure.  Anyway, we talked further and he offered me my first PD job the next week.  I later learned that he had planned to blow everyone out and it was our chance meeting and the sharing of my dream that helped jump-start my career.
— Skip Dillard, Operations Manager, WBLS/WLIB, New York

Sam Weaver has a vast body of experience in multiple formats and locales, which has been instrumental to his success. What I appreciate about Sam is his willingness to share this experience with those wanting to get to that elusive ‘next level’ in their broadcast careers.
— Derrick Brown, Director of Urban Programming/Program Director, WGCI/WVAZ, Chicago

My name is Angelique Perrin. I am a TV/radio personality, announcer and actress. Sam would love me to run down my resume, but I’d rather talk about the man who started me on my career in radio. I had zero radio experience when fate brought me to WQMG/Greensboro. What I did have was raw talent and drive which was all Sam Weaver needed to teach me. Everything I learned about radio, I learned at WQMG was from Sam. He has this way of guiding and steering you while still letting you fly free. He allowed us the room to be creative, try new things and explore where our interests and strengths lie.  It’s no wonder so many great careers were forged at WQMG under Sam. We are all grown up now and successful, but we can still count on Sam’s encouragement, advice, honesty and jokes.
— Angelique Perrin, TV/Radio Personality, Actress, and Writer

Over the course of my years in writing about the Broadcast Industry, at trade publications such as Billboard Airplay Monitor, Billboard Magazine, Radio and Records, and Radio-Info, I have come to know and trust Sam Weaver as one of the most passionate and knowledgeable programmers in the industry. His experience has crossed many formats, from San Francisco, to Chicago, to Dallas. He has an ability to take each situation and improve on it in some way, whether that be in increased ratings, increased revenue, or implementing better management styles. He’s an incredible talent coach, who has much to share and offer to those aspiring to be in radio, and those who want to be better in radio. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Sam Weaver, and would be happy to work with him on any future endeavors.
— Dana Hall, Broadcast Journalist and Radio Industry insider

Sam has worked numerous formats, honed his craft brilliantly and is a patient broadcast professional. His willingness to be a conduit of this knowledge guarantees one the opportunity to gain valuable insight as a radio personality in this competitive medium of communications.
— Earl Boston – Business Owner, Earl Boston Inc., Computer Music Rotation

Sam Weaver was the key person in my development as a morning personality. I have been a student of His for 18 years.
He is the best I know for getting the best out of his talent. I was so fortunate to have Sam Weaver early in my career to help me and guide me. I owe my foundation in morning drive success to him.
— BJ Murphy, Station Manager & Morning Personality, WGIV, Charlotte North Carolina

While I never worked with Sam directly, I competed against him in Kansas City for several years. He did a phenomenal job programming and keeping the station relevant to both adults and younger demos. His station was a ratings and revenue leader throughout Sam’s tenure.
— Jon Zellner, Senior Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment

Sam has taught me countless things about radio and broadcasting over the years…and I know FOR A FACT, that I would not be as successful as I am in my personal career if not for him. Sam’s advice and knowledge is incredible, and essential in today’s cut-throat industry. There have been times where I wanted to give up… get out of the business altogether, but Sam’s positive influence helped me to continue trying.” The radio business is not an easy one, but if you can mold your talent and understand office policy, you can be successful. Sam Weaver teaches you how to do all this and more… in an easy to understand, straight to the point fashion.”
— Heather Jordan, Reporter/Weekend Anchor, News Radio 1040 WHO, Des Moines

What can I say about Sam Weaver? Sam is one of those rare radio professionals who has seen and done it all! With more than 30 years of big market experience, Sam has been a leader in radio through innovative and cutting edge programming. He has guided and developed young air talent into seasoned radio performers. Sam continues to help me professionally with radio bit concepts and creative features.
He has great vision and insight and he knows what works! Sam has been nationally recognized by industry pros and for good reason. He is a winner with the class, integrity and experience to excel in any capacity in the broadcast industry. As a talent coach, Sam will work for you too! I truly believe in Sam and his ability as a radio pro.
— Jeff Foxx, WBLS, New York, Afternoon Drive

Working with Sam is a very uplifting experience. I’m always looking to learn and grow. Sam gives you feedback about
your strengths and weaknesses. Sam Knows great radio and is able to work with you as unique Radio performer helping you reach your goals.
— Rex MCNeill, Air personality/ Production and Station Imaging Director at 1musicnetwork.com

Air personality/ Production and Station Imaging Director at 1musicnetwork.com
Sam is not my first radio coach, but he will be my last. Sam’s approach to radio talent is not to mold them into what he thinks they should sound like, but to enhance their talents and bring out what they do best. Well balanced verbal and written critiques coupled with an extensive knowledge of broadcasting make Sam Weaver the talent coach to employ if you wish to take your career to the next level. I highly recommend Sam Weaver.
—  Barry Michaels, Mornings, WIND-FM, Gainesville, Florida

Sam Weaver for years has been my go-to programmer/friend whenever I need to bounce any ideas off somebody and get a programmer’s perspective. There are very few that understand all facets of the industry at the level that Sam does and that’s because he has worn all the hats at some point in his career. He always gives me honest feedback and he’s always spot on. When I was at Westwood One and not sure of all the back logs of R&B concert tapes that we had and whether or not Urban stations would respond to it as a weekly syndicated show, Sam said “Absolutely! They’ll love it trust me” And he was right. Thanks to him we launched the show and in a very short amount of time we got up to 60 affiliates and it became profitable immediately.  I feel very lucky to have Sam in my circle of professional friends.
— Debbie Greenbaum, VP, Director Syndication, Good Parts Media, www.goodpartsmedia.com and Partner/Co-Founder, WYM Media Management LLC, www.wymmediamanagement.com

Throughout my career there has been this one constant — hiring talent that had worked for Sam Weaver.  Sam has consistently produced talent that gets work, even in the most difficult of times.  I can attest to this, not only because I have hired those who learned from Sam, but also, because I am one he taught.
— Rob Wagman, Afternoons at The Fish 95.9, 92.3 Los Angeles

Sam Weaver is among the countries’ top programmers.  I remain impressed by his work in Dallas, Kansas City, New Orleans and a host of competitive markets across America.
— Tony Gray, Consultant Gray Communications

Sam was a great air talent who learned first-hand the importance of the right coaches. He is creative and takes a broad strategic view of all radio.
— Sean Ross, Vice President of Music and Programming, Edison Media Research

Sam is more than just a talent coach…he’s a “life coach!” His wisdom/direction has been invaluable to my professional broadcast career and personal life.
— Jay Alan, Program Director WPWX Power 92 Chicago

The great programmers in today’s radio landscape have to be able to find, coach, and grow great air talent. Sam Weaver is one of those rare programmers that have an uncanny ability to find, motivate, train, educate, and grow air personalities from both a scientific and artistic perspective helping each talent understand where they are right now and what they need to do to do to get that next level!
— Gary Bernstein, President of Syndication One